M R Webberresearcher, writer, artist, collaborator

Lynn Schoene – mixed media, sculpture, installation

The McCarricks – Martin McCarrick (cello), Kimberlee McCarrick (violin)

Ahmad Habash – animation, film, drawing

Tom Feritsch – sculpture, installation

Benjamin Schoene – this website, technical communication: print&online media

Ernst Grünwald  - photography, graphic design

Giulio Vaccaro – painting, tattoo

Things & Places

IIAL – The Institute for the Interpretation of Abyssal Life (and other guises) – Salzburg International Summeracademy of Fine Art

Cobalt Studios – exhibition/project space, Chicago

Raw Matters – showcase for experiments in Dance and Performance, Schikaneder, Vienna

Tanz*Hotel – training, rehearsal, workshops… Artist at Resort residency and mentoring, Vienna

KKuK – Institut für Kunst-, Kultur-, und Konfliktforschung

Yogawerkstatt - Ashtanga Yoga in Vienna





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